National Center for Institutional Diversity

Vision & Themes

The National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCID) represents a commitment by the University of Michigan (U-M) to affirm the central value and undeniable importance of institutional diversity to the mission of all colleges and universities. Our vision requires that we organize knowledge, build tools, and summon the courage to advance a commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equity in and through U.S. higher education. Because ultimately we are seeking to influence the way people (especially educators) think, talk, and act about diversity issues within the specific context of American society, we have organized around three major themes:


In an effort to achieve this vision we have developed a new set of core priorities and strategic imperatives for NCID that is a departure from past programming. The National Center for Institutional Diversity has been successful in building partnerships across the U-M campus and had started to establish a network of scholars in other institutions who are studying diversity issues. These strategies and programs programs have served their intended purpose of decentralizing the diversity agenda into the schools and colleges and promoting innovation across the university. We will maintain most of these programs in some form for the current year while we evaluate their impact and look for their connection to our new strategic approaches. The new NCID plan shifts emphasis to leadership development, national partnerships, and communications.